Celebrate  Valentine’s Day with X Ambassadors in Philly on February 15th, PLUS a meet and greet with the band,  $100 VISA Gift Card, and round-trip transportation from the The Limo Guy!


Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, and for those of you who are tired of another Hallmark holiday adding stress and pressure to your life, we’ve got you covered!

Don’t worry about getting chocolates, flowers, or making dinner reservations! You can celebrate your Valentine’s Day with a one night stand with X Ambassadors in Philly!

That’s right! We want to hook you up with X Ambassadors for Valentine’s Day! You can score tickets to their show on February 15th in Philly, PLUS, we’re also gonna throw in $100 VISA Gift Card, and round-trip card service so you can treat yourself for the day!

Listen for the keyword to text in at 8AM, Noon, and 5PM every day this week to get yourself qualified.

Score yourself a one night stand in Philly with X Ambassadors!

Transportation courtesy of The Limo Guy at nepalimo.com.