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Meet Our Team!

The Woody and Wilcox Show

The Woody and Wilcox Show

Mornings 6a-10a, M-F

The Woody and Wilcox show is known for a couple of things: Being a little bit smarter than you thought they’d be, and for also not being as chubby as you thought they’d be. They are all about breaking out of the normal expectations of the typical mornings show. How do they do it? Two things: A lack of personal privacy, and a lack of sleep. It is a winning combination that leads to comedy. Not comedy in the sense of just laughing. This is comedy that makes you laugh, think, and thank God that you’re not like Woody. Yes. That type of comedy.

Woody and Wilcox were born on opposite sides of the country and are definitely on opposite sides of most discussions, but what makes them different is what makes it work. Woody is from LA, Wilcox is from DC—they joined forces in San Diego in 2003 and the rest is history! Woody & Wilcox aren’t just passionate about radio! In their spare time, they partner with NoDa Brewing to create custom beers and host various events throughout the year. They are also heavily involved with Purple Heart Homes, providing housing solutions for disabled and aging Veterans across the country.

Woody and Wilcox can be reached by hitting these numbers and letters in order on your phone: 1-844-4-WWSHOW (that’s 1-844-499-7469 for those of you alphanumerically challenged).

If they’re not on the air, but you’ve got a story for the show, leave them a voicemail on the FEZ line at 704-FEZ-3200 (704-339-3200).

Miss the show? Listen to the Woody and Wilcox Podcast HERE.



Program Director; Afernoons 2p-7p, Monday through Friday

You might remember Ferg, who spent some time with the station in…well, let’s say, some warm and FUZZY times. He’s a lifelong NEPA resident, and has been in radio for the last decade. He started as an intern, working for the promotions department at the radio stations and as a morning show intern. He got bumped up to part-time, then full-time, then no-time, then full-time again. Funny how it all works.

Ferg lives and breathes alternative rock, particularly when it’s done by the bands Muse, Radiohead or Interpol, so if you hear a lot of them, you’ll know why. Ferg enjoys Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Lord of the Rings, LeBron James, Liverpool FC, Unsweetened Dunkin’ Iced Tea, grilling, long road trips, and talking to NEPA every day.

Quick Hits:

– Once flew to Seattle with his girlfriend (Now wife) Gina, and drove back across the country to NEPA in 9 days.

– Has won two state awards for sports broadcasting, and still calls play-by-play for select football, basketball, and hockey games in NEPA.

– Won Student Body President at Dunmore High School (Go Bucks) on a campaign to lower cookie prices. Unfortunately, he didn’t actually accomplish that campaign promise.

– First job was as an ice cream scooper at Manning’s Farm Dairy in their Dunmore location.

– Has a son (Nole), a dog (Clementine), and a cat (Moo). Also has a wife (Gina), who will one day wake up and realize she can do much better. Until then, Ferg will ride the wave.



ALT Natives - 9PM-10PM on Saturday

Johnny Popko has been involved in the local music scene for almost 15 years. He began his career with the Weekender, a local weekly entertainment newspaper, in 2004. It was there that he was introduced to many of the local musicians throughout NEPA. He assisted bands with their advertising, organized countless benefit shows with them, traveled for stories about them and even lived with a few of them back in the day.

ALT-Natives airs every Saturday night from 9-10 p.m. on the radio at 92.1FM, online at alt921.com, and on the Alt 92.1 mobile app.

If you are in a band or know someone who is, send WAV or MP3 files to altnatives@alt921.com for your chance to be featured on ALT-Natives!

Popko’s world:
-Married with one son (Lincoln)
-Loves music – anything but country
-Got in the best shape of his life at age 30 in 2013. Currently in the worst shape of his life
-Red Sox, Eagles and Celtics fan
-Favorite places to visit are Colorado, Maine and Atlantic City
-Will probably do anything that Joe Rogan says
-Favorite saying – “Let’s get weird”

Skratch N Sniff

Skratch N Sniff

10PM-Midnight on Saturday

Since its debut in 2003 on 91X in San Diego, The Skratch ‘N Sniff radio program has taken terrestrial radio by storm.

Conceived by on-air host Malcolm and programmed by DJ Mike Czech, the program takes some of the biggest songs from ACTIVE and ALT Rock, and blends them together to make an unbelievable mix show that fans of both genres are tuning into in droves.

The show has grown from a local San Diego radio show into a smash radio success with syndication to over 60 affiliates throughout the US, including Atlanta, Tampa, Detroit, Denver and Charlotte.

Out Of Order with Stryker

Out Of Order with Stryker

10PM-Midnight on Sunday

“Out Of Order” is a weekly alt-rock radio show hosted by Ted Stryker.

We play the top 20 rock songs in the nation, along with other hand picked tracks we think our audience will find cool, fun, or just plain weird! Each week “Out Of Order” brings you the top 20 rock songs, up-and-coming bands, international acts, and artist interviews.

Aired across the US and internationally, “Out Of Order” is the longest running and most listened to show of its kind!