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Thanks to our fine sponsors:

Can you help bring a Merry Christmas to a local kid in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program?
It’s easy and fun! Here’s what you do:

1. Pick a kid (or kids!) from the list below and fill out the required fields in the form. You’ll receive a confirmation of your kid(s) via email. As back up, please write down your kid(s) information in case that email does not make it to you!

2. Go shopping, and remember everyone who’s on your list!

3. Bring the unwrapped & labeled gift with the name, age, location of your kid(s), to one of our handy drop-off locations by Sunday, December 15. (Please do not use a Post-It Note for labeling):

Amyleigh F 17 Walmart gift card body care items
Justin M 13 Walmart gift card body care items
Paola Nicole F 16 jewelry lotions Alyssa
Yaminey F 16 body care items Leggings – size M Kristen
Taich Marie F 12 jewelry pop socket for her phone
Cristal F 9 barbie dolls barbie accessories  Nicole
Yeseines F 5 Peppa pig play xylophone Grace
Yexelies F 6 anything Frozen  anything princess Judi/Kristen
Richardo M 10 nintendo switch games – Pokemon/racing games socks/hats/gloves
Haylee F 13 body care items Samantha
Abby F 8 socks/gloves coloring books/crayons Abby
Tamika F 14 clothes – size L winter boots – size 10 womens Scott and Matt
Rinata F 4 winter jacket – size 6/7 kids winter boots – size 11 kids Genevieve
Nasir M 10 Mon clothes – size 18/24 months winter coat/hat/gloves  Paul
Ricky M 9 hat/gloves body care items Lauren
Alan M 15 Nike slip on shoes – size L clothes – size L Corey
Aaron M 8 Basketball sweaters – size 7 Leonardo
Saul M 11 Soccer ball nerf guns Michelle and Matthew
Aiden M 2 Paw patrol pj max Samantha
James M 3 spiderman ironman Corey
Kura’yan M 10 remote control car football/basketball
Quamirrah F 9 baby dolls color books/arts and crafts Corey
Tessa F 11 LOL dolls anything to do with drawing (learning books and supplies) Samantha
Gian M 10 left handed baseball glove airforce #8 sneakers – size 8
Lisbeth F 15 Sweaters/t-shirts – size M clear lip gloss
Liset F 13 hoodies – size L jr. fuzzy dark colored boots (like the ugg style)
Dante M 7 Legos anything batman
James M 18 Mon. mega blocks sippy cups (spiderman) Corey
William M 12 beyblades jacket/hat/gloves – size 14 Blake
Wilfredo M 11 Jacket – size 8 basketball/soccer ball
Willmen M 8 jacket/hat/gloves – size 8 beyblades Scott and Matt
Wiladeps F 6 baries and accessories  jacket/hat/gloves – size 6 Corey
Jeffery M 17 sweaters – size S basketball
Luz F 16 arts and crafts supplies/glue gun jacket/hat/gloves – size M Sara
Lizzie F 16 jewelry make-up/mail polish  Kerry
Jerry M 6 cars/trucks legos/spiderman Debbie
Rosa F 4 coloring books/crayons jacket/hat/gloves – size 6 Linda
Wayne M 17 12 1/2 shoes – needs sneakers or insulated/water proof shoes Walmart giftcard Sara
Christian  M 13 clothes – size L (sweatpants/jeans/shirts) Walmart giftcard Corey
Oscar M 13 Skateboard Vans shoes (Size 10) Vito
Clarissa F 4 anything Frozen  Bike Brittany
Trayvone M 5 any kind of superhero action figures Pants and shirts (Size 10-12) Blake
Taya F 3 shirts and pants (size 5-6) anything Peppa Pig Lisa
John M 7 Nerf guns race tracks with cars Corey
Xander M 3 anything PJ Masks remote controlled trucks Corey

Drop Off Locations

ALT 9.21 Studios – 149 Penn Avenue Scranton Pa 18503! Deadline Dec 17, 2019 

Big Brothers / Big Sisters Offices -Luzerne County 33 East Northampton Street, Wilkes-Barre (570) 824-8756

Thanks for bringing some Christmas joy to a local kid in need!

By clicking “confirm” you understand that you are responsible for getting gifts for all the kids you have chosen. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided. Check your spam folder if you do not receive it, and as back-up, please write down your kid’s information in case that email does not make it to you. The chosen children will disappear from the list once you click “confirm.”