Ferg Fun Facts

  • Spends an unnecessary amount of time on Twitter, Facebook and Gmail.
  • Has gone west to the Coachella Music and Arts Festival in CA the last two years.
  • Loves alternative music, but has seen Bruce Springsteen in concert nine times.
  • Broadcasted from the NFL Draft live in NYC in 201.
  • Has seen the whole trilogy of the Lord of the Rings close to 20 times.
  • Was solely responsible for Penn State Women’s Volleyball winning four straight national titles.*

*May or may not be true; They just never lost when Ferg was in school there. Ferg Favorites

  • NFL Team: San Francisco 49ers
  • MLB Team: Boston Red Sox (He likes the color red)
  • Classic Band: Led Zeppelin
  • Current Band: Muse
  • TV Show: Scrubs for comedy; Game of Thrones for epicness
  • Cartoon: The Simpsons